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Rebosada en lugares asombrosos, extraordinarias villas coloniales y mágicas haciendas, Real De Minas se levanta sobre la Ex Hacienda de Santiago Rocha en el encantador Guanajuato.

A fusion of Mexican and Spanish decorations as well as typical Vice-Regal style evokesthe conquest’s environment.

Stone, wood and quarry stoneare the frame for 165 rooms providing hospitality, friendliness and personalized service that will make your stay a memorable one.

Let yourself be hypnotized by the gastronomic tradition our restaurant “El Cantador” has the ideal menu for your palate, offers exquisite dishes made with products from the region, open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Since 1775

The Beginning

We are in the land of an old farm that benefits from taking out silver by flogging (patio or amalgamation) and foundry, known as the Hacienda de Santiago de Rocha and that was owned, among other characters, by Antonio de Obregón and Alcocer, El Count of Valenciana, for the year of 1775.

Since 1775

The Beginning